‘Charging station is a flop scheme for India’, says Mr. Deep Sarkar, CEO- BSS Motors

EV Market in India is growing day by day. So many new companies have stepped into the field of Electric Vehicles. Analysts are guessing, this is just the beginning of the New Era. The Indian Government and other several State Governments are taking initiative to promote EV industry by implementing new policies, to inspire people to shift to EV, charging stations are also being installed recently. Various industrial tycoons are also gearing up to grab the opportunity to flourish with the future flow of electric vehicles .

“I don’t feel overwhelmed, rather I’m worried about EV’s future in India” said Mr. Deep Sarkar, CEO of Brandstar BSS Motors, one of fast growing EV startup of India. He explained, “People are wearing masks presently by chance not by choice, likewise people are showing interest in EV only for the hike of fuel price”. The EV market has expanded suddenly in a short span of time, numerous companies have stepped into the market in this while but it’s unfortunate that almost all of them are willing to grow by depending on Chinese supplies. As per the business relation survey, India is investing Trillion dollars over China to avail poor quality electric vehicles at a cheaper rate. Majority of the EV companies are selling products without having any proper after sales service module, and even adequate supplies for the spare parts to the market. The poor-quality products have already slowed down the growth of EV, now to fill in the space of demand with cheap quality Chinese E- Scooters will risk the future of EV market in India. It feels exciting to hear about the Charging stations, but why to spend several hours to charge in the middle of the journey. It will create a huge negative impact to the people who are waiting in the queue to charge their vehicle.

When asked about Elon Musk and his EV module for India, the CEO stated, “There’s no need to follow Elon Musk or Tesla, Musk basically has done nothing for the development of EV Industry, he only wastes money to settle for Mars.” He criticized, “In India, at first we have to think about mass then Mars. We have to be independent and get rid of the poor-quality product and the ritual of dependency.”

Brandstar BSS Motors is the first EV start-up, all geared to launch their totally India made Electric Scooters and Electric Super Bikes with nonstop running facility without wasting any time to charge with their 55,000+ Battery Swapping centers throughout India. Now with the help of this, consumers will be able to ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari without wasting hours for the batteries to charge. They are also setting up to manufacture Metal body scooters with exciting facilities appropriate for the Indian geography and market.

Electric Vehicle industry will surely be the game changer for automobile segment of India. This shift is already in process to bring a robust profit hike for investors and business organizations who are investing in EV industry of India. A huge number of rapid employment generation is expected from the Indian EV industry, but to achieve this Indian EV makers have to be cautious before execution and should take proper measurements for prolonged support.

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