Is Brainywood Learning app the Future Netflix for OTT Learning?

A Guinness, Asia, and India world record holder Ed-tech Start-up named Brainywood has been getting enormous demand amongst the K-12 students due to the various unique learning courses it caters to under a single membership plan. It was launched the online application during the February 2021 pandemic. This learning application entered the Indian market with a USP that is their unique Brain Science (Memory) courses which is the choice of every other student these days. These courses have been developed under the direct leadership of Dr. Vinod Sharma, who is one of the best Memory trainer in the world and currently one of the finest memory trainer available in India who is working directly on school students for the last 14 years to improve the memory and reduce mental stress amongst the Indian students. 

Brainywood is the first learning app that equips the education process with the science of recollection and memorization techniques based on mnemonics. Brainywood app courses provide students with new and proven techniques of mnemonic science based on educational psychology, especially skilling students on memorization, retention, and recollection. Students enjoy the syllabus, memorize faster, and recollect the study content in exam time more accurately.  

For better exam results, we all know a student has to do two things –very well comprehension and very well memorization. In India, everyone teaches how to read well, write well, and understand well, but no one teaches how to memorize and recollect well. This application not only helps students understand a particular concept but also helps students remember that particular topic with the help of its unique scientific techniques; therefore, a student gets the complete one-to-end solution for their problem. The courses of Brainywood are developed in a self-learning manner, which helps students learn at their own pace and helps them make their study content interesting, enjoy the syllabus, memorize faster, and recollect the content exams accurately.  

In discussion with Mr. Dhruv Suwalka (co-founder), he said that starting Brainywood was to create the first Ed-tech Application of its kind. This will reduce the study time, stress, and expenses by increasing the Exam Results and Developing Holistic intelligence in students. 

The founders mentioned that while the development stage of the Brainywood app, many people were not able to believe that it is practically possible for any app to do all of it, but when the application launched in the market, the results showed massive breakthroughs. They explained, to reach out to a more significant population of Tier-2, 3 cities students, the price of the application was one of the significant challenges for the start-up as Brainywood has to keep itself self-sufficient in the future to continue investing in the research and development. Yet this start-up managed to launch its application at a one-time setup fee of just Rs. 3999, which includes six months Little Birbal membership and thereafter Rs. 249 per month only, making this application one of the most affordable learning applications presently available in India.

Under the Little Birbal Membership, one can access every learning course available in the application and enroll in all live classes, give interactive quizzes, doubt solving Q&A features, offline views, and unlock all the personalized premium features available in the Brainywood app. The app not only reduces the mental stress of students and provides scientific techniques of learning but also provides several learning courses including Vedic Mathematics, Coding for Kids, Website Development, Personality development, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, and many other learning courses to give the complete Holistic development to the Indian students. 

Moreover, Brainywood is also all set to launch the Live classes Academics facility for 6 to 12th CBSE students and 20+ Unique Interactive courses in upcoming months, which will give students a complete holistic development and will make them a future asset to the nation and the best part is all of the future courses will be completely free and inclusive in the present membership for all the paid subscribers.   To know more about this unique Ed-tech Start-up, visit more at https://brainywoodindia.com/ or follow then on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brainywoodofficial/

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