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Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a hot-button issue in recent years. In light of its significance and connections to various fields, it has been studied by experts. When it comes to feeling, thinking, learning, problem-solving, and making decisions, EI serves as the compass. 

But what’s the most remarkable technique to teach kids Emotional Intelligence? What can we do to help them become more self-aware and empathetic? How can we assist them in relating to others more effectively? 

Several variables will influence the responses, including the child’s age and whether or not you are their parent or teacher. For the past few years, the number of Emotional Intelligence (EI) activities, games, and toys have been steadily expanding.

It is time to unleash and understand the social neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence (EQ) from the co-founders of YoMindz, Ms Bhawna Chopra Rustagi and Mr Atul Bhardwaj.

q1) What is the top value of YoMindz?

Ans— The core values of YoMindz are honesty, integrity, and a commitment to the development of the next generation.

q2) What role do emotional and social intelligence skills have in children’s development?

Ans— For Mr Atul Bhardwaj, it is essential to understand the thoughts and feelings of others as long as they are living in a society. One must interact with others throughout one’s life, whether family members, friends, teachers, or neighbours. People who are emotionally and socially inept will suffer for the rest of their lives, and those around them will suffer as a result. Socially and emotionally intelligent people, on the other hand, are not only capable of making responsible and sensible decisions, but they are also capable of influencing others and assisting in the growth of the community as a whole. 

q3) Is it possible to learn emotional intelligence?

Ans— Understanding one’s emotions and the rationale behind them is an essential part of Emotional Intelligence. Consequently, being aware of one’s own and others’ emotions is a habit that must be developed and practised. As a result, this is something that must be acquired through experience.

q4) How do moods and emotions influence one’s thoughts and decisions?

Ans– According to Bhawna, we’ve often observed that talented professionals cannot perform at their peak because they lack the mental discipline to change their mindset. This mindset is nothing more than a person’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Decisions make people successful, and all successful people claim that being in the correct frame of mind is crucial to making good ones. Controlling one’s thoughts and emotions is critical to one’s growth and success because it affects one’s ability to make decisions.

q6) Can you tell me about a time when your job was stressful? How did you come to a resolution in the case?

Ans— Ms Bhawna Chopra Rustagi: As a practising lawyer, I always believed everything is black or white. However, as time passed, I realized that no chamber could be completely watertight. After all, I was working with humans, each of whom had their own unique set of feelings, understanding, and circumstances to contend with. However, dealing with people involves empathy, even though the law relies on proof. Empathy has the power to sway people’s minds. These thoughts and life skills have always helped improve my abilities and cope with difficult situations. Therefore, I opted to learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and am now a Master Practitioner of NLP. However, I’m currently pursuing a PGD in child psychology and Art Therapy to better deal with challenging situations. 

q7) What methods does YoMindz employ to help youngsters express their emotions?

Ans— YoMindz has spent a lot of time working on ways to teach such a complex subject, including animated movies, activities, examples, visualizations, situational conversations, behavioural homework, etc. These strategies allow the youngsters to express and understand their emotions and demonstrate diverse points of view. Because of this, the program is designed to keep the youngster in that zone, allowing them to modify their subconscious minds. Moreover, the complete curriculum was prepared to keep the guidelines and recommendations of Education Policy 2020, C.B.S.E., Niti Ayog, World Economic Forum, and Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design.

Take Away 

Our emotional quotient measures our emotional intelligence. YoMindz has created numerous ways to assess individual EQ as well as social skills. Luckily, social, emotional intelligence is a talent that can be learned and improved through time. Discover your social, emotional intelligence and learn how to regulate your emotions better and interact with others.

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