‘GuruCool’ Isn’t the name interesting?

Don’t worry the content and the creator both are interesting too!

‘GuruCool’ is a Hinglish Language Infotainment Podcast by Gursant Singh Bakshi.

Fire Engineer by profession He started GuruCool in March,2020.

“A large segment of Indian population is Younger in age and have huge potential but majority lacks direction. I wanted to make a simple yet unique voice, to give a message that it’s ok to be normal. The current generation is experiencing hell lot of emotions and experiences and the world around us is changing as well. I wanted to reach out to the youth of India but not being preachy at the same time So GuruCool talks to them, about them imparting perceptions but in a cool way”

“Guru comes from my Name Gursant, Cool as entire tone is meme based and comical and since GuruKuls were ancient Indian Schools so I named it as ‘GuruCool’ an Infotainment Podcast.”

The Podcast is a coming-of-age content targeted to younger Audience in India Which Talks about various topics that effect the younger population whether it’s emotions, perspectives Finances, Marriages, Relationships, Struggles etc

“We have also started a GuruCool लेखक as an initiative to promote new artists and their content so any writer who want to promote their content for free of cost can approach us”

Meme references comic tone and poetic ending forms the soul of episodes and each episode name is based on a Bollywood Song or movie.

For example The Introductory Episode-1 is titled as “Main Hoon Na” which introduces Podcast, Episodes -4.,5,6 “Love Sex aur Dhokha” series based on Modern Day Relationships.

As per latest reports GuruCool is all set to enter the Regional Language Podcast Space as well through GuruCool ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (GuruCool Punjabi)

“We have compiled the Idea for the Punjabi Version the soul would be same but there would be minor tweaks and will continue with it after Season-2 for Original GuruCool Podcast, Fingers Crossed!”

Don’t Listen if you aren’t ready to upgrade your perceptions

Right Now Only Season 1 is available on the major streaming Platforms (including Spotify and JioSaavn) and Season 2 is on cards as informed by Gursant

“I couldn’t Publish more episodes due to some commitments and had been working for Season 2 which will start soon and we will be having some guests in the upcoming seasons so it’s gonna be interesting ” says Gursant

“So out and out GuruCool is not just intended to be a Podcast but build community of thinkers and young people who can really get benefitted from it. Made with love hope you like it!”

“Come fall in love with your life because GuruCool is not just a podcast it’s an interaction with a friend you would love to talk to late at night or any moment if time feel the the warmth of a friend always by your side,Baaaki Aao aur Janjao” Says the creator Gursant Singh Bakshi who is working on the upcoming season-2 and the Punjabi version of the show.

You can Follow Him on Instagram(@thegarcon__fou and access the GuruCool Page as well

What are you waiting For Tune into Podcast ‘GuruCool’ now on Spotify, JioSaavn and all major streaming Platforms!


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