“Visited India for Rahul Subramanian Crowd Work as a part of my research for When Love Lasts,” says Madhurima Guruju

The resounding success of “Musings and Memories” poetry book has catapulted Madhurima into a league of her own. Madhurima believes that the success of her recently launched poetry book is validation that hard work and persistence always pays off.

The writer who had landed India for a reason left everyone spellbound. She has been on her rigorous research for the past 5 months to develop characters in her upcoming novel titled ‘When Love Lasts’. A story believed to be based on protagonists having a backdrop of the entertainment industry. There will be four main characters involved and tangle themselves into several manipulations and finally how they resolve to seek the light in a relationship is what the story narrates to the core. Madhurima has even signed a deal to publish this book under Spotwright publication and from the sources it’s been assumed that half of the manuscript is currently under the process of proofreading.

“One of the main reasons I had come to India is for Rahul Subramanian Crowdwork that had taken place on 10th of December in Hyderabad” she adds.

Madhurima has been extensively drawing inspiration from his personality ever since the work commenced.

“Rahul Subramanian is an amazing stand up comic artist. Which reminds me while constructing the fictional Rahul for my novel, that how charming, compassionate and friendly with everybody he could be and the Rahul Subramanian picture was crawling into my imagination the whole time. Hence he became the source of inspiration throughout the process of character treatment”.

This is apparently one of the reasons Madhurima had visited the crowd work to accomplish the part of the research.

“I didn’t get the opportunity to film the entire video as it was forbidden. But I had taken mental notes of every bit of his performance and quickly illustrated on my phone, just the outlines, to refine it later. Based on those strokes, I am now developing storyboard slides to translate the authentic scenes of crowd work in my novel. As they will be narrated in the form of episodes like a flashback with nonlinear fashion” she reveals.

Crowdwork event by Rahul Subramanian not only had inspired Madhurima but she was also filled with enormous appreciation for his talent.

“He is spontaneous. I mean he is just so talented that his sense of humor is accepted by everyone..nothing offensive and everyone cheers for him. That’s the significant style he has which makes him unique” recalls Madhurima.

Madhurima’s intense work is evident through her social media handle where she regularly posts the glimpses of her work and even tags Rahul Subramanian to “inspiration credits”.

“I do mention him as I wanted my readers to comprehend his work and in notion to register him in their imagination so that if they read my book they will picture him. Rahul Subramanian is such a wonderful human being who gave consent. I feel blessed though part of me feels a little guilty for disturbing him” she laughs.

On this note, we appreciate her efforts for generating the best work and wish her all the best.

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