‘Talking about S.E.X’ with Dr Sankalp Jain, An Internationally Recognised Sexologist

Dr Sankalp Jain, an internationally recognised sexologist and health expert has shared his experience as a sexologist. In an exclusive interview with our team, he talks about S.E.X. Dr Sankalp Jain is known for his continuous efforts to make people aware of sexual health. For his work he has recognised was numerous organisations and been awarded for his work, awards such as the Health Icon Award in 2017 by the Member of Parliament Dr Rita Bahuguna Joshi, National Gaurav Award in the year 2017 for raising awareness towards eradicating social taboos related to sexual health issues through his social media campaign generating 5.9 million impressions and Personality of the Year in 2018 by the Honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Mr Ram Naik.

Dr Sankalp Jain is an MBBS, FNR, PGDID and well-known sexologist at the international level. He has worked as an intern and served as a Junior Resident at King George Medical University and Hospital. He has years of experience will special expertise in sexology and sexual counselling.

Dr Sankalp Jain also works as a marriage counsellor and has saved a lot of marriages that were on the verge of breaking up due to sexual issues. In this interview, “Talking about S.E.X.” Dr Jain shares why is it necessary to openly talk about it.

Here is the conversation of the interview.

Q: According to you Dr Sankalp how is sex seen, what is the outlook towards sex and intimacy?

A: Well, it is very conservative. When I say conservative, I mean very. Each one is aware that is the part of life and the society we live in yet no one dares to talk openly about it from where the problem starts. The problem of not opening up and not sharing. The outlook towards sex is under-researched, under-reported and these things are then blended with myths and the taboo. Hence people hesitate to talk about it openly, which is dangerous.

Q: Dr Jain you mentioned that this is dangerous. Why do you think so?

A: Yes, this is dangerous. Dangerous because when people suffer sexual problems, they are hesitant to talk about it and their hesitancy to talk can lead to life-long risks and deadly circumstances. Everyone and needs to understand that sexual problem is just like another health issue that is encountered by an individual. Any gender or any age group, especially grown-up adults can face it and when they do. They should talk openly about it so that it is treated and cured.

Q: What are the problems or issues that can be addressed as sexual problems?

A: Problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, infertility, orgasm or arousal disorders and the list goes on. Such issues can be described as sexual problems but overall, they are health issues that can be cured with proper treatment. Intimation and Marriage go hand in hand, one should not be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it.

Q: How can such issues be solved or cured?

A: Such health issues are present since ancient times and their cures or treatments were started at the same time. I’m raised under the influence of Ayurveda and Ayurveda when is mixed with modern technology the results are very positive. The sexual problems are curable. One has to first talk about it and then be patient.

Q: What message do you wish to convey to people out there who are suffering from such issues?

A: All I want to convey is this is curable, this is treatable. We have done it. You just have to talk about it. I sit at A. K. Jain Clinic located in Lucknow you can always visit me and talk. If you cannot visit don’t worry, we provide online sessions as well, you can contact us and we will help and treat you. Sexual Health is directly related to once mental, physical and emotional health and one should not take it for granted.

This was Dr Sankalp Jain in conversation with our team, talking about S.E.X. You can connect to him via:

Website: www.drsankalpjain.in


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