Arya Bharti is currently pursuing Computer science engineering in BMS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT  Bengaluru. Her major interests and passion is coding, dancing and music, and she believe that there is a creative fusion between all these disciplines. She is  a part of various NGO’s and clubs  working for social cause. Being a student ambassador of  college, she have worked a lot and been a part for various  clubs such robotics,rotary, EDC, SARC etc.Coding is her passion. Desiging work frames, web apps, software is her strength. Proficient in programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, HTML, CSS, JSP, SQL, C#, MERN, DJANGO and many more has helped her to stand out  as a software developer. Attention to details, creativity, analysis are my soft skills as a technical engineer. She is  interested in designing as well. After Exploring herself through all the fields, she prefer being a developer as they mould my logical thinking and problem solving abilities. She  have worked on various technical projects. Also, worked as a marketing director for a NGO named youth India foundation for a period of three months.

Now she is starting her own NFT Metawitch which is a part of Lightulb NFT her role is CTO she will be looking into technical As years pass by generation of technology improves, expectation of humans also increase because of which now we are looking to create similar world like earth and focusing on Mars. Human evolution goes along with technology improvement to compete with future problems and to find solution to run entire world without pollution. Virtual world is now taking over physical world to give more realistic experience, to stop spread of diseases and to provide complete security with the help of block chain.  NFT arises from block chain, which is virtual art can sell, buy or auction through NFT platforms.

Meta Witch, which comprises 3000 collection of photos, gifs and videos. Meta queen is the only queen of Meta world, who leads all the witches of Meta world. Every Meta witch is a citizen of Meta witch kingdom with unique power. We focus on women NFTs because a lot male characterized NFTs released and got dominant so, we want to give same level of importance for women in Meta world so first project and some of the upcoming projects are also focused on women. Woman (Meta Queen) who has magical power that rules Meta world with the help of her only women citizens to develop and protect her kingdom is the ideal theme of our concept. In later stages it can be introduced in games, where players can play and earn

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