Cyber Security Expert Durgesh Singh kushwah : Blackhat Hacker

White hat hacking is a legal hacking profession. A comparatively newer field of work, the profession is known for Ethical hacking skills that one must possess to practice it with utmost passion and perseverance. One such personality who has been functional and fully operational in the field of white hat hacking or ethical hacking is Durgesh Singh Kushwah. His name and fame are all it takes to introduce him to his contemporaries. From all over the world, his work is known by all and none refutes to regard him for the work he puts up with.

For ethical hacking, one needs to be constrained within the limits of the profession. There is a thin line between white hat hacking and black hat hacking. One who fails to acknowledge this line fails to practice ethical hacking in all terms. Although the skills and caliber are similar in both the fields, the intentions, and the spirit are the factors of difference. Among all ethical hackers, the ace ethical hacker Durgesh Singh Kushwah has put it all together and ever since has been portraying the best version of himself. His determination, dedication, and devotion for the work he does prove the passion he possesses.

All in all, he is a celebrated persona with skillful work and unstoppable excitement. It is often said that people must choose a career that enthuses them to their core and perhaps makes them excited. Likewise, Durgesh Singh Kushwah chose ethical hacking for himself. It wasn’t only about the interest he had for the field but it was also about the ignition that he experienced whenever he encountered any related work or project. With over hundreds of projects attached to his resume, he has been giving a tough competition to his contemporaries. Even the environment he builds up around him makes his colleagues and fellow workers more excited and dedicated!

Although he has been checking up on the profession for ages and ever since his teenage, he has been a big fan of the ethical hacking and the work revolving around it, he admits that learning and working are intertwined processes and can’t be severed from each other. This is because he believes that everyday he gets to learn something that he further propagates and thus, tends to educate all who come in contact with him. A man of words and wisdom, he is a grounded individual who doesn’t consider his achievements as significant as the service in his life. Durgesh Singh Kushwah affirms that one should be of any service to his fellow members or else his upbringing goes in to vain.

Altogether, he is forever fuelled to work and has perhaps whirled his life around the work. His sense of achievement and keeping up with the competition are other traits that others envy about him. Still, he continues to be a modest and humble person who finds it hard to accept the fact that he is indispensable and rather essential for the profession. Indeed it is his charm and charisma!

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