South India Solo Expedition Record Title claimed by Sagar Sreekumar Pillai

The record for completing an exploratory solo expedition across South Indian states on a motorcycle was set by Sagar Sreekumar Pillai known as ‘The Motodragon’ (born on August 22, 1996) of Kochi, Kerala. He successfully rode 3871 kilometers for 6 days, 11 hours and 28 minutes from Kochi on December 23, 2021, traveling through all the 5 South Indian states and one Union Territory (Puducherry) and completed his expedition on December 29, 2021, as confirmed on January 5, 2022.

A summary of the ride from the record holder Sagar himself — “This is the ride that got me my first record title and the first one I did in association with Throttle N Explore under the guidance of its founder and my mentor, Nikhil Bothra. As a person, as a rider, as a student I learned a lot more during this journey. 3871km in 6.5days. Yes, just like the name it’s an expedition not exploration, you keep riding through the main checkpoints, which too I learned from my mentor. The goal here was to pass through the capital of the five South Indian States and one Union Territory. Starting from Kochi , I rode through Trivandrum, Nagercoil, Madurai, Pondicherry, Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad, Anantapur, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Palakkad and stopped at Kochi completing the circuit. Day 1—Kochi to Madurai— the ride became interesting as I went past Nagercoil with the windmills on either side of the highway which ended at hotel Rio Grande where I stayed for the night. Day 2 —Madurai to Pondicherry — early morning ride through Madurai was a bliss with little fog and the golden sun on the horizon, had a breakfast meet with Ajas, The Biker Buddha, one of my best friends at Trichy and Pondicherry was all set to celebrate Christmas as I reached there on 24th eve. Day 3— Pondicherry to Vijayawada via Chennai— the East Coast Road was the best National Highway I have ever road through, with rivers, trees and hills on one side and the sea on the other, and the development on roads that Vijayawada has achieved is far beyond my home Kerala; zero potholes and gutter. Day 4—Vijayawada to Vishakapatnam — The beach road of Vizag was the best part of my expedition. Day 5— Vijayawada to Hyderabad- The NH 65 passing through the reserve forest was filled with thick fog which gave an amazing experience and on this day I was welcomed to Hyderabad by Bratz Riders Club BRC with its founders Malik Bhaiyya and Sajid Bhaiyya and had an awesome day with them and got my bike serviced there. Day 6— Hyderabad to Bangalore- The mesmerising part was the long stretch of highway with beautiful gardens and lakes on the sides which I witnessed upon nearing Bangalore, in the golden hour of 4-5pm. Day 7— Bangalore to Kochi via Coimbatore— There were squids along the way who were taunting me to race, which I ignored, and it was a smooth ride till Palakkad. I reached Pathadipalam, Kochi safely by 3:15pm completing the expedition. My mentor Nikhil Bhaiyya, had been watching me all along. Upon reaching home my heart asked me as always- Where to next? And this is the ride that made me drop the plans to go abroad and stay in India “

 Sagar Sreekumar Pillai, the 25-year old entrepreneur and passionate rider known as ‘The Motodragon’, is the Founder of Nomads Marrow, a Pan-India staycation giant. He was born and brought up in Kerala and as a rider he belongs to the Pan-India Riding Community called Throttle N Explore. He is mentored by Nikhil Bothra, Founder of Throttle N Explore and promotes safe riding and usage of riding gears. Others who support him are Sreekumar S. and Bright Kooliath of Roadmonks from Kochi.



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