Universe Citizen Party is Changing the Outlook Towards Politics

Universe Citizen Party is the party that works on the welfare of society and the empowerment of the backward and poor. Universe Citizen Party, better known as UCP, is founded by a Software Engineer by profession and analyst, Vinay Birdar, who hails from the state of Karnataka. Vinay is the founder of UCP and is on the mission to fight for the rights of people and provide them equal opportunities as that of the rich and reduce the gap between rich and poor.

UCP works on the motto of happyism, managism and techyism. With the mission to make society a better place for everyone. A place where people are free to speak and present their thoughts and share their ideas. Vinay Birdar, the founder of UCP, says, “We know current part leaders and policymakers have tried their level best to solve problems, but they have failed, and this has impacted the society as a whole. We wish to change this.”

Universe Citizen Party is on the mission to solve people and society’s issues and help the country’s people. The pointers that UCP firmly believes and follows are honesty, dedication and love for everyone. The problems that UCP aims to work upon are;

  •  Eradicate corruption from the core of our system
  • Solve the issue of pollution, be it air, water, food or land
  • Reservation Problems,
  • Education,
  • Poverty and Crime,
  • Unemployment and GDP Rate and all the other issues that relate to this.

Universe Citizen Party is registered under Election Commission India as of 10th September 2020, and ever since have been working for the people of the country. The party aims to create leadership that is actually; for the people, by the people and of the people. Their manifesto includes long term and short term goals that aim to create a space where people live happily. Some of the agendas and goals are following:

  • Creating 100 Crore plus jobs  that eradicate unemployment
  • Creating flat for the country’s people.
  • Making strict women and child safety laws.

And the list goes on. More of it can be buffered on UCP’s website.

The founder and president of UCP, Vinay Birdar, is a B.Sc, MCA  Software Engineer by profession and a philanthropist by nature. He is also a certified police department rifle shooting expert and a certified expert from Aptech Computer Education as HDSE. He has also won many prizes in chess and table tennis tournaments.

With over eight years of experience in Network Marketing, he has also developed many Softwares & Websites under the “MiLifeGoal” (R) Firm. Vinay’s name was published in the front-page magazine in June 2008 of  “The Economist” Magzine in June 2008.

Following social and welfare issues, he has donated his blood more than sixteen times and is also an esteemed member of the Rotary Satellite Club.

Universe Citizen Partry’s work for the following goals and agendas;

  • For Better Living Society with Happiness, Healthy and Peacefully.
  • 100% Agriculture & farmer development.
  • 100% Education to every child.
  •  100% Govt. Jobs to every person from 25 Yrs Age.
  • 100% Retirement & Old Age Benefits
  • 100% Hospital & Health facilities to every person.
  • 100% Well Furnished Home, Swimming Pool, TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, AC, Cycle, Bike, Car, PC.
  • 100% Transportation facility Bus, Train, Flight, Ship.
  • 100% Tourism facility National & International.
  • 100% implementation of Research & Development , Infrastructures & Technology.
  • Zero Crime & Poverty
  • 100% Cleaner, greener, healthier & peaceful Society.

To be a member of UCP and join the cause, suppose the party by being a member click on the link:

Universe Citizen Party

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