Entrepreneur Tarun Singh Rawat is ready to make headlines once again with his mega project “Mussoriie Boyz

JSR Production House specialises in video production, film production, video editing, and marketing videos for television and the internet. VHS Media is another production firm owned by TARUN SINGH RAWAT and JASWANT SINGH RAWAT. It is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. They’re ecstatic to debut “Mussoriie Boyz,” their next major project.

Mr Tarun Rawat, the producer of Mussoriie Boyz, is gearing up to put his stamp on yet another massive project.

“I feel that the plot is quite engaging and it represents the connection of friendship so brilliantly with a tinge of fun and comedy, We have always sought to promote cinema and provide a way to rising talent,” Mussoriie Boyz producer Mr Tarun Singh Rawat remarked about the production. We feel that because it is a narrative of friendship, love, and discovery, this film would be able to connect with people not only from Uttarakhand but from all across India.

Friendship is an everlasting tie between people who share a sense of belonging. Mussoriie Boyz is a film about it, which includes colours of happiness, love, and tragedy. We hope that this video will instil the same spirit in us, allowing us to live meaningful lives. We can only hope that the film’s powerful message will overwhelm spectators’ jaded sensibilities.

The movie has a unique angle. The drama and humour will leave the public in laughter. The star cast has worked hard to give portray their character perfectly on screen. They said they have significant development in their acting abilities and the way they depict their characters, as seen by Mr Prashil Rawat’s performance. The film will be a wonderful experience that will make you laugh, weep, and do so much more.

A good film is one with straightforward and clear language. Mussoriie Boyz has a rich taste to it, which adds up to its attraction. And the director- Hirday V Shetty is well-versed in dealing with any issue that may emerge during the filming. He is the ideal combination of professionalism and friendliness when it comes to working, he is one of the reasons why Mussoriie Boyz has been so eagerly awaited by fans, and we can expect it to be a huge hit when it’s out for release.

 The star cast includes all the well verse faces, that are set to unveil their abilities through the screen. The character Vickey is played by Prashil Rawat, Karan is played by Parth Akerkar from Ashiqui 2, Sodi is played by Rahul Singh from Neerja. Vijay Krishna will be seen as Chaudhary. Ria and Mandira are played by Amika Shail, who has been in TV series like Naagin and Balveer, and Naina Singh, who has acted in more than one popular TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya and Splitsvilla. In the supporting role Mr Paul portrays a Gujjar acquaintance, Inspector Yadav is played by Vishal Om Prakash, and Ankit portrays a local buddy.

The movie is going to be worth your time and money, as the script is collected from his life phases and incidents of the writer, and this is the reason the script is so close to his heart.

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