Magnificent Ending of March.

“NEVER GIVE UP FOLLOW YOUR PATH” motivational session organised by Dr.Jasbirr Grover a renowned award winning Life Coach Mentor and Author For Teens 2 Twenties.She is Founder of Coachinggeenie an organisation help youngerters to build confidence and achieve their dreams.She holds huge experience of working as a Training and Placement Head for Universities and Colleges of Delhi NCR which helped her in identifying the challnges of low confidence and lack of believe in youngesters.

She conducted three hours session which was attended by the students of class 9th and 10th and teachers Er. Kawaljit Kaur, Ms Harpreet Kaur, Ms Inderjit Kaur, Ms Ravneet Kaur, Mr Gurpreet Singh, Mr Mohammad Sadiq.
It was amazing 3 hours plus session to help these youngsters to
“Believe In Themselves”
“Learning Empathy”
“Small Guided meditation to quite the mind
Setting the Enchor “Harr Maidaan Fateh” with colours

The whole colouring activity was given in the form team work where colours would be less but team was bigger and their job was to complete the sheet with maximum colours to get students know about sharing as well.

Her global Mantra is” HAR MAIDAN FATEH” which means we handle all difficult situations if we believe in ourselves.

Being a NLP Practitioner and taught how to handle difficult situations, release negative situation and spread positive vibes.

“Youth is the transitional age between childhood and adulthood.”GHK School is committed to make it more meaningful for our students and deliver the best.

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