Janki Maheshwar Release First New Song of 2022 ‘Door Hona Tha’

Janki is back with her first new song of 2022, ‘Door Hona Tha’. A euphoric, infectious track about seeking solace in togetherness, the song is written by Jayesh Kapoor.

‘Door Hona Tha’ is a hindi sad song that explains glorifying relationships is probably the main reason breakups are so hard, and they are, hard for everyone. Through ones stoic ‘nothing phases me’ exterior, there is a softer more vulnerable interior, so when their long term relationship ends they find comfort in a number things and build a wall for future love.

Music has the power to bring souls together. No geographical boundaries can limit the spread of love through music. This song offers the comfort of music in the most painful days of life. The lyrics are an amalgamation of feelings and emotions which are initially being processed and finally evolve into an acceptance of reality.

In the music video, the singer beautiful portrays the love and pain of relationship, Janki has many hits on her YouTube channel with a lot  of views that resonate with the same style of music. The song “Door Hona Tha” is already winning hearts and is being loved and hummed by many music lovers.

Janki also wishes to collaborate with the ‘voice of our generation’ who is none other than Arijit Singh someday and she is relentlessly taking forward her passion for music by performing in various music shows across the country.

Reminiscing her popular composition, she says, “I feel blessed to have a family like you guys who are constantly supporting and loving me! With your constant support we will make it to the top”.

We wish her all the best for this song as well as for all her future endeavors.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/OyixqzvBGH0

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