Metaversity – Welcome to the virtual 3D immersive experience

Introduction to metaversity

As you enter this metaverse, you are immersed in a world where entertainment creation is at the heart of its existence. The Metaversity world has a variety of entertaining components, such as education, socializing, entertainment clubs, resorts, libraries, etc. Furthermore, we are launching a NFT marketplace with many other developments that will enable anyone to join our Metaversity community and participate freely and openly! The bandwidth requirements for immersive experiences are prioritized in Metaversity. With end-to-end solutions, People Metaversity says it is creating a complete campus experience with services such as libraries, campus placements, and so forth.

The Big picture by founder – Metaversity

The move to online education during COVID times resulted in students suffering. A large proportion of students were unable to attend college. This prevented them from attending classes and obtaining good job placements. Furthermore, their relationships with the college were not trustworthy. Rather than having students attend exams in person, the college wanted them to attend the exams in person instead.
Considering the idea of reimagining education in the virtual world, I wondered, “Maybe we can do something about it? We just have to imagine it completely as a virtual world of its own. The Metaversity has avatars for everyone who participates and they can choose what their avatar is. Virtual rooms are also available for everything such as games, classrooms, libraries, and concert halls where people can exchange ideas, interact, listen to others, or watch events.

Evolving in the immersive 3D virtual experience

A metaverse merged with blockchain based open world, web 3.0, virtual reality, and augmented reality, called the People Metaverse.
The People Metaverse is a technology-based open environment in the Metaverse that incorporates Blockchain, Web 3.0, Virtual Reality, Meta Library, Meta World, Meta laboratories, leisure zones, and a variety of other Education-related facilities. People Metaversity’s ultimate goal is to deliver education to everyone at no cost.

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