Om Prakash Choudhary inspiring the youth of the country

In any country, youth constitute the most essential and dynamic part of the population. It is thought that developing countries with high youth populations could see significant growth if they invest in their education and health, as well as safeguard and secure their rights. Today’s youth are unquestionably tomorrow’s inventors, creators, builders, and leaders. One man who has carved a niche around himself at a very young age is Om Prakash Choudhary, an active member of the organization of NSUI. He is also the founder and convener of NYAY- an organisation working in the interests of the unemployed and students of the state. Apart from these, he also is the president of the All Rajasthan Student Union.

Om Prakash Choudhary believes that today’s students go to great lengths to leave their homes for their studies, enrolling in private institutions, colleges, and coaching to prepare for their future success and that organizations like NYAY and ARSU serve as a platform and a savior for all their problems. The boy completed his elementary education at Satya Bharti School in Jati Bhandu hamlet, near Jodhpur, and was accepted into Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya after the fifth grade. When he was in class VIII at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, he lost his father. After losing both the family’s earning member and his mother, the huge family of seven faced difficult times. Recognizing his fortunate familial circumstances and understanding his obligations, he studied hard and dedicated himself to his education, earning a 9.4 CGPA in class X and an 85 percent in class XII exams. Later, he earned his higher education from Delhi University and became the college’s media president as a result of his active approach.

Talking about his perspective on the youth of the country, Om Prakash Choudhary stated, “India enjoys a population advantage. We have the ability to change the country. Young minds will be more fresh and innovative, which will aid the country’s progress. However, the youth should be given ample opportunities to express their views and policies for the betterment of the country. Politics is the only method to communicate ideas and put policies into action. Young people should be encouraged to get involved in politics and hold positions of power such as Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and Governor.”

This young prodigy has won the President’s Award and has made a name for herself in student politics. Om Prakash Choudhary is now a successful entrepreneur. His mission is to empower youth by giving them all of the resources they need to become successful adults. He also stated that in the future, he will continue to advocate for youth rights through politics and voluntary groups.

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