Varun Batra: This Young Entrepreneur from Amritsar is already making it big in the Hospitality Industry

This exceptionally ambitious young entrepreneur was born in Mumbai and brought up in Amritsar. Varun Batra is a massive inspiration among young people in Amritsar. But it wasn’t always like that, this man kept pushing his limits way above his friends and his surroundings from a young age. He started his own Travel Company at the age of 18.

As an entrepreneur, Varun Batra introduced the people of Amritsar to the Nightlife by opening the first pub in Amritsar named “Peddlers Amritsar” which was a Franchised Outlet. He always makes sure the quality of the food and the experience in the pub is up to the mark and he keeps the ambiance Top-Notch. People always question the safety of people in pubs so he took the safety standards to the highest level. It became a Landmark in Amritsar and his pub is a crowd favorite amongst young people. Today it is the most happening place in the town for these reasons.

Varun Batra is one of the few entrepreneurs in this tough hospitality sector who withstood the effect of Covid, even when lockdown hit, he stood like a boulder and even started a revolutionary brand named “AROUND THE CLOCK”. This is a Grocery store plus a café but the thing that stands out from other stores in the town is it is open 24*7. He created a fusion between daily essentials and also a place to hang out with friends and family. AROUND THE CLOCK was also a huge success in his career. They already opened 2 outlets in Amritsar and they also plan to open its 3rd outlet in next 2 months.

The revolutionary young entrepreneur likes to travel around the globe and likes partying in his leisure time. Varun’s ambition now is to amplify his brand and his empire to the next level by expanding all over India within a couple of years. His rock-solid determination and the will to never give up made him a success story we can only admire and learn from.

You can follow his daily life on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/varunbatra/

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