Music heals everything and inspires you to work harder, says Gurmalik Singh, an aspiring artist.

Music is the greatest source of inspiration, the biggest source of strength, and the highest power to reach the divine soul. Music is the purest inspiration for many people, a driving force that keeps them going irrespective of any challenges. The vast world of tunes and notes isn’t easy to understand while the gradual practice of rhythms and everything makes a person perfect with every rehearsal of tunes. For many people, music is their soul, their ultimate love, and savior.

One of such people is Gurmalik Singh, a devotee of music. A man who devotes his life to the essence of music and drowns in the rich heritage of tunes and notes, finding himself in a place full of peace and a calm environment. He felt drawn toward music from a very young age. Although he was unknown to the very essence and deep meaning of music, he was still moved by the calmness, the relaxation, and the peace he found in music. Music had a great impact on his life as he grew up.

He moved to Canada after some time and that was the moment he felt like everything is a nuisance and music is the only essence that truly beautifully presents life. Responsibilities stacked upon his shoulders and adapting to a new place without any support was indeed quite challenging and in all of those crucial moments in his life, he felt very lonely. Music was the only support that built Gurmalik’s confidence and inspired him to get going. As if it was the only music that was giving him a reason to live, he adopted music as the essence of his life and a driving force in his career. As of now, he continues to make music and loves how it is going and shaping his life perfectly.

He was highly inspired by the freestyle flows by the Juice Wrld which was the driving force behind his urge to make something new and refreshing. He came up with delivering top rap with beats which is indeed a new move in the music industry and the essence of this new move helps him to cope with anxiety and depression. He takes inspiration and is influenced by different genres and many artists in the industry such as emo rap, which has influenced his ideas and made him strive for something new and more beautiful. He believes that music has the power to change people’s lives and has inspired them to go for a better life. He has also put forward the importance of a calm and peaceful inspiration which is the essence of music.

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