Edenz India provides latest E-marketing applications for all business and services !

Prasanth Natarajan , founder of Edenz India who wants to use the latest e-commerce Marketing Techniques for all small businesses. Edenz India provides eCommerce Marketing websites , eCommerce Marketing mobile application , Social media integration using cloud data flow management method .

Edenz India , the eCommerce Marketing Company wants to use eCommerce Marketing for large number of small business for low cost using data science algorithms. Data Science  doesn’t have proper algorithms solution for eCommerce Marketing .  Because it consists number of third party software and tools to manage eCommerce marketing for all small businesses and Services .


How is eCommerce Marketing far better than Digital Marketing .

Digital Marketing depends on social media tools and it’s algorithms, common small businesses never easy to understand about social media tools and it’s working principal to make profit . The Social media Campaigns and customer engagements are depends on money and type of business , because every business cannot make same effort in social media .

Edenz India , a eCommerce Marketing company wants to find solutions for all small scale businesses that are able to promote all their services and products using Digital media tools includes Google , Facebook and Microsoft .

Prasanth Natarajan founder of Edenz India believes eCommerce Marketing techniques will help all small scale Business to reach more in online , compare than digital marketing .

India has 70 % of small businesses running from villages . The Indian Economy totally depends on small business growth which leads Countries economy more than 20% with in 2025 .

Edenz India , developed a common eCommerce Marketing website template for all rural Small Business like kitchen Retail shops , electronic retail shop , textile retail shop , vegatable retail shop , Repair and Service centers and local shops . It is more easily understandable and workable marketing techniques for rural places .

Small Scale business and services is possible to increase their economy stat more than 200%  using eCommerce Marketing techniques within 2027 .

Edenz India uses eCommerce marketing techniques for all Professionals and Service Providers like Doctors , lawyers , electricians , entertainers , engineers , teachers and more .

Prasant Natarajan , founder of Edenz India chose Google cloud applications and more Artificial intelligence tools for all professionals service development for making eCommerce marketing techniques.  eCommerce Marketing Mobile Applications will reduce employment opportunities and make more specified self-employees who want to work with their own knowledge.

 eCommerce Marketing mobile applications totally depends on Data Science algorithms and it’s tools , but data science methods and tools are still under development by big tech companies as well it is not easy to develop a common data science algorithms for all small scale business and professionals .

Edenz India will make more sufficient data science algorithms for all small scale business and Professional Service Providers before 2025 with help of Artificial Intelligence tools but it requires high level of Investments , nearly it will take 2.5 million US dollar . So the company is looking for investment opportunities from big tech companies like Google , Microsoft, Facebook , telecom companies as well Public and Private Banks .

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