B2B Stylus India LLP to once again partner with Sarafa Bazar India for 9th edition of UGJIS

Recently, Sarafa Bazar India, a B2B platform for jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, announced their partnership with B2B Stylus India LLP for Maharashtra’s Blue Chip B2B Gems and Jewellery’s 9th edition of UGJIS, Pune. Sarafa Bazar India is going to be their online partner for Dussehra & Diwali special edition, which is going to be held from September 23, 2022, to September 25, 2022, at the Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre Pimpri, Chinchwad, Pune.

Unique Gems and Jewellery Show-UGJIS, organized by B2B Stylus India LLP, has had eight successful editions. Now this ninth edition is all set to grab everyone’s attention. With all the big names participating in the event, the stage is set for an extravagant show while keeping the festive season in mind. The UGJIS has gained recognition as one of India’s best B2B Trade Shows. This is due to their dedication to outshining participants’ and visitors’ expectations. The ninth edition of UGJIS will display the newest designs and technologies to the people, just like the previous eight editions did. In the eighth edition jewellers from the jewellery industry of Maharashtra, North Karnataka, and Goa got a whole array of displays of ornaments. This led to the celebration of the auspicious festivals of Dussehra & Diwali with enthusiasm.

The directors of B2B Stylus India and the organizer of UGJIS, Mr. Ranjeet Shinde, said, “To assure that we keep making it simpler for all of our stakeholders to conduct business, we will keep working harder round the clock with even more zeal and dedication. This event results from the help and confidence the jewellery community has shown in us. The UGJIS has established itself as a significant event that brought business to Maharashtra, North Karnataka, and Goa markets. Furthermore, we only desire to continue doing so and spread our horizons even further.”

Archit Jain, the founder of Sarafa Bazar India, shares his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “We feel delighted that we once again got the chance to be a part of UGJIS. Last time also, we got an exceptional response from everyone, and in this edition also, we will be striving toward the same goal. When I started the brand Sarafa Bazar India a few years back, the only motive was to support other jewellers who, like me, had to deal with unprecedented difficulties caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some months down the line, we have achieved so much success, and I could not be any prouder. I am really looking forward to the UGJIS 9th edition and many more new things that will happen for us in the future.”

B2B platform Sarafa Bazar India was founded by entrepreneur and jeweller Archit Jain. The company’s primary aim is to be a safe platform for jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Through this web portal, they can connect with more of their clients and display the range of things they offer. Even though the brand showcases its products online, transactions are carried out physically between the buyer and seller to ensure complete transparency. Over all this time, the brand has helped multiple Tier 2 and Tier 3 jewellers to expand their business. Veer Jewellers, Jewel Cast, Manhar Jewellers, and many more such brands are registered with Sarafa Bazar India.

Regardless of whether any business is a small or large-scale jewellery shop, Sarafa Bazar India has been a blessing in disguise for all of them. They enable them to connect with the desired manufacturer, wholesaler, or specialist without needing an intermediary. Sarafa Bazar India is one of the fastest growing B2B platforms with more than 25,000 app downloads with more than 30,000 jewellery designs. The brand tries to incorporate itself with all the changes that come in the industry. With their excellent services, they have already established a standard for the sector. Website : https://sarafabazar.in/

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