Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Released a TVC highlighting the role of jewellery in the lives of modern Woman

Leading Jewellers of Maharashtra Chandukaka Saraf and Sons produced a television commercial covering the delicate relationship between women and the jewellery they adorn. This TVC by Chandukaka Saraf & Sons is a representation of the delicate role that jewellery plays in the life of today’s women. The ad encourages women to embrace their femininity and enhance it by wearing jewellery that gives them pure happiness. The ad portrays a young lady walking home late at night. She faces the lechering gaze of a few hooligans on the road but glares back at them firmly. Drawing courage from her Kumkum, it is the protection she uses to guard her against evil all around. The ad suggests that bangles be looked upon less as a burden and more as a strength that empowers women. Rings are more than mere zodiac symbols; they should be the token representing love that we accept and embrace into our lives. The scene of a proposal aptly showcases a working woman accepting the role of a wife to a supporting husband as she blushes with joy. The times require girls to outgrow their Payals and walk forward with brazen confidence. A young girl is seen running across the Maharashtrian black soil with unbarred happiness. She grows up to love running and finds peace in it. Painted nails not only represent beauty but are also weapons to be used in war. Strong, unabashed, and pure – just like gold. Because femininity is not limited to gender, it resides in your spirit. A power that must be fully embraced as one. The ones who do not respect this divine power must be forgiven. The young lady stood up against her harassers and took them to the police station. Her confidence and unwavering strength help her not only raise her voice against oppression but also show compassion towards the ones who have wronged her and forgive their sorrowful families. The ad strongly speaks out against the chains that bind women into stereotypical roles. It is a celebration of a new female spirit – one that is strong while being soft. One who understands her culture and also challenges certain segments of society that look down on her. The women of today look at jewellery not as an embellishment but as a symbol of their independence. It is these women that Chandukaka Saraf & Sons wants to cater to. The new designs are made with the trials and tribulations of daily working women in mind. The craftsmanship is simple yet elegant – nothing too flashy and yet it retains the charm of the vintage era. The brand wanted to embody this message and have done a stellar job showcasing the diverse range of women who have in time rebuilt a new friendship with gold. Poised at times of transition when people are losing faith in traditions and getting influenced by radical modern ideas – this ad finds the perfect balance. Merging traditional ethos with a modern essence, Chandukaka Saraf & Sons wants to reestablish the relationship between women and their jewellery. 

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