Skill Sequel creates the best next-generation IT professionals with its ‘Pay After Placement’ opportunities

One does not necessarily need to be a prodigy in the twenty-first century, since every job from administration to finance is so technologically driven, all that is required is to be intelligent enough to surpass. Companies also take this into account when deciding on the minimal educational requirement when hiring, which is typically only a graduate degree. Therefore, a professional graduate degree is paramount in shaping a prosperous and long-lasting career. Moreover, with increasing competition and everyone aspiring to have a stable job with good compensation, it is imperative to gain a competitive advantage over others. Many take a step ahead by opting for top job-oriented courses after graduation to get an edge over the competition. These courses equip individuals with job-specific skills and deep knowledge of practical concepts that can be used in contemporary business.

Skill Sequel is one platform that offers “Job oriented Industry ready training” on high-demand IT domains with ‘Pay After Placement’ opportunities. The students who enroll here are asked to pay the course fee only after they land their dream job with a minimum package of 5 LPA. Skill Sequel course structure is specially designed to assist you with learning domains relevant to industry requirements. It provides graduating final-year students and recent graduates with live Instructor-led online hands-on training in order to assist them to get their ideal career. Most of the industry’s in-demand domains are covered by this training. Precisely the six domains, which are Data Science and Artificial intelligence, Business Analysis and Intelligence, Cloud Computing and DevOps, Full Stack Web Development, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, and Digital Marketing and Analysis.

The course includes 100+ mini-projects, 50+ case studies, 300+ assignments, 500+ quizzes, and 10+ capstone projects. This is how it makes sure to cover the entire domain and not just the basics like other EdTechs. The criteria differ from six months to nine months to even twelve months internship options. Sharing his take on the domain, the founder of Skill Sequel stated, “It is not surprising that the majority of Indian students lack the financial means to enroll in expensive programs and develop lucrative careers. The cost of attending public colleges and universities is practically out of reach for the typical person. Most students have little choice but to take on considerable debt in order to have access to high-quality higher education. Despite this, given their lack of skills, their employment may still be in danger after they graduate. Hence, the new notion of ‘pay after placement’, a student only pays for education and training if they are offered a job with competitive compensation. Hence, making it more convenient for the economically weaker segment ”

Due to the founder’s commitment to helping those in need, the platform only charges a fraction of what its competitors in the industry do for similar courses. In addition to offering such reasonable pricing, the site donates 5% of its earnings to assist underprivileged kids by covering their costs for uniforms, books, supplies, and school fees. One another intrinsic feature of the platform which makes it one-of-a-kind is the ‘No Income Share Agreement’, which means students only have to sign the simple agreement and are not bound to the platform in any other particular form to pay a certain share of their monthly income. With the intent to train in a way to clear all the hurdles in achieving success, It begins from the very roots so students don’t have to worry about the pre-requests. The only thing one needs to have is dedication toward learning and Skill Sequel’s mentorship here takes care of the job placement.

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