AK Ayurvedic Clinic is providing the most effective supportive treatment for paralysis and deaddiction! Get to know more about the process.

Characterized as an intense and indefatigable urge to engage in certain activities like using drugs and alcohol, ignoring the harmful side effects of the same for mere moments of pleasure, Addiction is identified as a neuropsychological disorder. An estimated number of 36.3 million people on average are drug addicts who are suffering from drug-related disorders.

The basic psychology behind drug addiction

It all starts as a form of associative learning which can be easily defined as a response to a new stimulus. A person finds a drug, is curious about trying it, wanting to know how it feels, that urge appeals to him to take it and as a result, he gets high which is a very pleasurable experience for him, creating an urge to do it again.

The types of addiction and strategies

There are two basic types of addictions, where chemical addiction involves the use of substances while behavioral addiction involves compulsive actions, including persistent and repetitive use of drugs that do not serve any real benefits but are only a matter of habit and want. Addiction to certain things is commonly seen in food addicts, drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, gaming, and social media addicts.

Different health issues

High blood pressure, liver disease, digestive problems, nausea, and loss of sense are the common issues faced by drug addicts. All of this can soon turn into cancer of the breast, liver, throat, esophagus, etc. It can also lead to a weak immune system.

alcohol-induced stroke and paralysis

High blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, and imbalance in the body’s response to insulin caused by excessive alcohol intake can lead to stroke and can be the cause of paralysis in the long run as the body becomes numb and weak due to failing impulse control causing “blackouts”.

Alcoholism and drug addiction destroy the lives of many people and are the root cause of family disturbances in many families. Having no sense and living in the euphoria of their own, the addicts know no bounds, knowingly or unknowingly causing scenes within their family environment.

No matter how hard it is to overcome these addictions, treatments are still possible. With AK Ayurvedic Clinic, treatments and overcoming the addiction are much easier and more effective. Based in Hosur, Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu, AK Ayurvedic Clinic is an ayurvedic treatment venture started back in 2011. The Clinic/ health centre/ is led by Dr. Andrew Jacob, an Ayurveda specialist. He is the senior consultant and director of the company. With the motto to inspire people to lead a better and healthy life by keeping all the intoxication matters away, the clinic helps people with treatments for excessive alcoholism and drug addiction. AK Ayurvedic Clinic is also known for effectively treating over 1000 paralysis patients.

The team believes that ayurvedic treatments are very effective for treating drug addiction and excessive alcoholism. By identifying the root cause of addiction, such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc., the Clinic/ health centre/ provides effective treatment to reduce cravings and deal with psychological issues. As for alcohol-induced paralysis patients, it is quite difficult to deal with life while also worrying about the chances of losing or being unqualified for a job and the stress which comes along as the patient might not be competent to lead a family. After completing the first aid process, the patients are requested to come immediately for treatment. The Clinic/ health centre/ provide you with effective holistic treatment, detoxification therapy, and rejuvenation therapy to help you regain muscle strength caused by nerve damage.

From the efforts to treat addicted people, the clinic has been quite successful in saving multiple lives. For any further details, contact the clinic at https://www.akayurvediclinic.com/ .Whatsapp Contact No: 9585777765

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