If you are one of those people who worry over their deteriorating health and fitness, Ultimate fit club by Siddhant Thakur is all you need!

Deteriorating health due to harsh schedules, obesity, workload, stress, and lack of self-care is a very serious problem. Being caught up in these things and ignoring the aftereffects can be fatal to your body. Start maintaining your health like you maintain your wealth. The current environment makes this problem more serious, not to mention the side effects it causes to your body anyway, resulting in multiple disorders and others health problems. Okay, wait—don’t you care about your appearance at least? Don’t forget that your first impression is the last. Start working out today to get those amazing features everyone swoons over! 

With Ultimate Fit Club, get that amazing body that makes everybody turn to stare at you. Being fit and healthy is important, so buckle up for a good, burning session that brings up the glow inside you. A community that considers fitness as a lifestyle, team up with the most excellent trainers and be ready for a huge and essential take for a better life.

Meet Siddhant Thakur, the owner of Ultimate Fit Club, Dadar Mumbai. A professional boxer for over 10 years and 5 years in MMA, he completed national boxing in 2009. He is a student of military school and attended a Para Sf training camp. He started going to the gym in 2009 and ever since he has been a body-building and men’s physique athlete. He is a professional and experienced ACSM, CF L1 certified Fitness Entrepreneur and is currently the Brand Ambassador of Power Storm Protein. Recently he started providing corporate fitness training. His training sessions are very popular and are known to serve the purpose. As an experienced gym trainer, he ensures that every customer gets effective results and inspires people to lead a healthy lifestyle, discarding whatever substances are toxic to the body.

His goal is to make people aware of the consequences someone might face because of an unhealthy schedule and habits and inspire them to work for good health and a good impression. As someone who is quite acquainted with the benefits of hitting the gym and strong but helpful training, he wants everyone to be a part of the process, work hard for better results, and lead a better life in general. If you are still dwelling on the thought of starting workout sessions, don’t waste your time and join the session. After all, we all want a Student of the year Siddhart Malhotra moment! Invest your time and energy in training sessions and see how the process works like magic for you. Don’t be late, join the training session asap and start your journey for a huge glow-up and simply towards good health and fitness in general

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