A podcast directed to a youngster’s life and struggles, GuruCool by Gursant Singh Bakshi rises to popularity among the younger generation.

The younger generation is undeniably a lot more open-minded, and they have perceptions that are entirely distinct from those of the older generation. However, the issues, pressure, and other scenarios that young people face appear to engulf them constantly. GuruCool by Gursant Singh Bakshi, started back in March 2020 is the ultimate fun and interactive infotainment and self-help podcast directed to influence the younger generation in a good way.

GuruCool by Gursant Singh Bakshi is that source of positivity and direction that youngsters so desperately needed. A Hinglish Language Infotainment Podcast, GuruCool focuses on bringing change in youngsters by making them learn a better way to perceive things in a fun and interactive manner. Even the names of the episodes are based on famous movie titles like Main Hoon Na and Love, Sex aur Dhokha.

The term GuruCool comes from ‘Guru’ and is derived from the creator’s name, Gursant, and ‘Cool’ as in the tone of the podcast. The influence of the ancient schools known as Gurukuls is also a major part of naming the podcast as such. The meme-based and comic tone has captivated the youngsters’ attention as Gursant talks about various topics like finances, relationships, marriage, struggles, emotions, and the general perceptions of youngsters towards life.

Gursant believes that the majority of the youngsters are dwelling with confusion and although they have the knowledge and skill to do something, they lack the judgment of the correct direction.

He wants to let them know that it is completely okay and is normal to be stressed, to find yourself worrying about smallest things and dwelling upon the existence of emotions and feelings. However, getting out of this confusion is important and the need to be prepared for the future will bring out your inner potential to work.

Gursant has always wanted to help youngsters deal with problems and so he started the podcast GuruCool, through which he could impart his thoughts to the younger generation without being considered boring. So he decided to make the journey more fun and interactive, comically imparting his messages with meme-based lines. This way many youngsters found it relatable and fun and soon the podcast grew in terms of popularity among the generation.

He has also started GuruCool.लेखक, an initiative to bring out the best of talents and promote the artists. So if anyone wants to promote their work, they can contact the team and promote their content for free. According to sources, GuruCool is set to step into regional language podcasts and is soon going to initiate GuruCool Punjabi.

As for now, season 1 is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Jio Saavn while the second season will soon be released. You can expect some fun collaborations for the second season. GuruCool is a platform for like-minded to create a community that can benefit from this interactive session. Someone who is not interested should stay away in all respect. With the aim to influence people in a good manner amid the toxic social media influence, Gursant wishes to make you feel at ease and enjoy the process of how the life works.

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