Book Recommendations | Top Three Books To Read In January 2023

Be it a social gathering, or a book readers cafe, or simply a get together of family, these three books are a must read and recommend for you to widen your horizon and gain a lot of knowledge.

Our top three books to read in January 2023 are

  • Relationship by R.K. Mohapatra
  • I wanna grow up once again by Dr. Sumit Goel
  • The importance of Physics in Bodybuilding by Ubbay Francis

RELATIONSHIP by R. K. Mohapatra

In January 2023, Mohapatra’s new book, “Relationship: Motley of Love, Trust, and Emotions,” will be released.

This book comprises eleven chapters discussing social, political, business and economic, personal, and human relationships. In this book, one can find how trust, time, and mutual faith bring happiness to human relationships.

Humans have a close bond with the natural world and its inhabitants. There is a strong relationship between “falling in love” and “living with love.” Relationships are based on places, people, events, and activities.

People occasionally need to evaluate money, location, and time relate to one another. Therefore, “relationship” varies from person to place and person to person. We can refer to it as a need-based relationship or a commercial relationship. The only reason the world exists is to foster healthy relationships based on needs. However, human relationships are created over time with a need-based framework “with money” or “without money.” The difference between “falling in love” and “living with love” may be temporary or permanent. Love your life while living a life you love. Because you want to live for the one you love, your life has a purpose and fortitude when you’re in love. Love improves your health, vitality, and happiness.

This book explores sociological, psychological, and organizational human behavior to establish good human relationships. This book also aims to assist readers in managing the intense stress of relationships because conflict is unavoidable in human interactions.

About R. K. Mohapatra

CMA R. K. Mohapatra is a writer, speaker, blogger, social activist, and an award-winning bestselling author with 32 years of rich experience in the finance and accounting fields in India and abroad.

He is well-known for his work in cash and wealth management, portfolio and risk analysis, micro and personal financial planning, and estate & retirement planning for individuals.

Mohapatra’s honest and striking portrayals of the corporate world earned him numerous national & international awards: the 18th Edition Asia Pacific HRM Congress -Exemplary leader award 2019, the 19th Edition Asian Leadership – Hall of Fame award 2021, Indian Glory “Best Writer of the year,” “Criticspace Best Indian Author,” “Inspiring Indian 2022,” “Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Shiromani” and “Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna- Best Author Award” in recognition of his immense contribution to literature across talent domains, striving for excellence in genres across the Nation and beyond.


“I WANNA GROW UP ONCE AGAIN” is one of the finest works by an Indian Author in the genre of motivational self-help self-empowerment transformational books. The book has an Introduction by Anupam Kher and has been appreciated by luminaries and readers alike.

The book is an inward journey into how we have lived our life, till now and how we choose to live from now!

It is about the journey of transformation, of the awareness and acceptance of our perceptions and patterns and the action of changing the perception and breaking the pattern.

Transformation does not lie in changing the past or controlling our environment. It lies within. What happens to us is not important. What happens in us is important.

About Dr. Sumit Goel

Dr. Sumit Goel is A Doctor-Homoeopath [M.D. (Hom) Gold Medalist] by education and profession, a Teacher-Trainer by intention, and a Motivator and Author by passion.

Over a teaching span of more than 25 years, he has mentored, taught, trained thousands of medical students, who are today some of the leading names in the healthcare sector in India and abroad. With a 99.33 excellent rating, he is one of the most sought-after teacher-trainers in the field.

Dr. Sumit Goel belongs to an illustrious family of homoeopaths from Mumbai. He has been practising now for more than 25 years. He has provided a healing touch to innumerable patients over the years with his healing smile, motivational words and the white pill. He amalgamates the latest approaches in health management and life transformation technology to achieve the highest ideal of healthy living. He actively pursues telemedicine so as to reach patients across the globe and integrate technology in treatment.

Dr. Sumit Goel has been one of the youngest authors in the field of medical text. At the young age of 29, his first medical book was instantly recognised as the standard text for medical students in India and abroad.

He is the recipient of “BEST MOTIVATIONAL AUTHOR” and is recipient of “HIGH FLYERS 50 GLOBAL INDIANS AWARD along with many other literary awards for his work.

Dr. Sumit Goel can be connected at sumitgoel@yahoo.com or visit him at www.drsumitgoel.com

When you go into the space of nothingness, everything becomes known!

Dr. Sumit Goel has been awarded with the “DYNAMIC PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR”.

He has been awarded with “YOUNG ACHIEVER’S AWARD” for “Great contribution to the field of Homoeopathy”. Having penned many medical books, he has been awarded the BEST AUTHOR, in the field of medical literature.


Highly praised by Bollywood Actors Tiger Shroff and Nushhratt Bharucha, The Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding is a must-read book written by the most talented person in Mumbai, Ubbay Francis and published by Digital Golgappa.

The truths and myths about bodybuilding, from jabs to steroids, from natural to the hypocrite, this book covers all the aspects. Bodybuilding is usually biological, but Ubbay Francis has come out with elaborations and explanations that reveal that Physics is as important for bodybuilding as is any other thing. He also goes on to discuss the proper use of steroids by the gym going freaks. A must read for all men and women who are health conscious.

About Ubbay Francis

Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai according to Google. He started as a celebrity bodybuilding coach and went on to work with several leading celebrities from the tinsel town including the Sabse Bada Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. Francis is a son of a Spanish father and Indian mother, both of whom are English Literature professors in a reputed college in South Bombay. Ubbay Francis is a bestselling non-fiction author, former celebrity bodybuilding coach, digital marketing enthusiast, a freelance model, former casting director and actor. His cameo role in Baaghi 2 as an aide of the villain, sharing the screen with Tiger Shroff was appreciated by all. Having worked with leading production houses, he also loves to play cricket and can be seen smashing a few out of the park in Wankhede Stadium in his free time.

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