The Best Period Kit to Buy in India- Senziwash first period kit

Among the new-age women, talking about menstruation is not a taboo anymore. In fact, in this digital age, women have the liberty to openly discuss about issues surrounding menstruation. Although the stigma associated with the discussion around menstruation has gone off, however, as a woman it’s important to share stories around periods and support each other.

At the same time, it is also essential to have a period kit box so that you can manage your periods in a mess-free and hygienic fashion.

Introducing period kits..

When you think of scientific menstrual care management, there is definitely no one-size-fits-all that is available in the marketplace. However, best period kits, (Senziwash Period Kit being one among them) is definitely a panacea to manage your periods in a hygienic and mess-free manner.

Welcome to SenziWash period kit box the perfect solution to your “The Days”. It has all the essentials in your period kit checklist.

1.  Senziwash Truecup : an overview

Menstrual cups are a wonderful boon to women of this era. With many brands of period kit pouch available, one of the best menstrual cups in the market is the Senziwash True Cup. It is medically approved, environmentally friendly, and is also very easy to use. Women who wear this menstrual cup can perform a variety of activities with ease and the menstrual cup’s side effects are nil too.

How to use menstrual cups?

  • First wash your hands
  • Then apply water or water-based lubricant at the rim of the cup
  • Then fold the cup with the rim facing upwards

It is pertinent to note that there are several techniques to fold a menstrual cup. Some of the most commonly used techniques are C-fold, punch down fold or 7-fold

Further, hold your folded menstrual cup between your thumb and fore-finger.

Finally, insert the menstrual cup into your vagina…with rim first.

The cup then unfolds inside the vagina creating a leak-free seal. That’s not all: the menstrual cup fluid will seamlessly collect inside the cup.

The Senziwash menstrual cup is so soft that women often forget that a cup is inserted in there.

There are four products that are available as part of the period care kit from Senziwash, they are: 

  1. Senziwash True Cup
  2. Intimate Wash for women
  3. Senziwash cup sterilizers
  4. Senziwash menstrual cup wash.

So here we give you a quick lowdown on each…

  1. Senziwash True Cup

Senziwash Truecup is the best menstrual cup due to the following:

  1.  Senziwash True Cup has a short tail: avoids irritation
  2. Truecup has a round knob, thereby enabling easy removal
  3. Made of 100 per cent medical grade silicon resulting in zero reaction with the skin in your intimate area
  4. Truecup is made of a soft material
  5. The product has been extensively researched by doctors including gynecologists and urologists

2. SenziWash women’s intimate wash

Women’s intimate wash by SenziWash has reversed the concept of women’s intimate hygiene that was wrongly followed until now. The feminine intimate wash uses an optimal level of natural and other essential ingredients that are perfect for all skin types, creating a perfect pH level, ensuring total period hygiene. 

3. SenziWash cup sterilizers: an overview

As part of the period care kit you also get to avail a menstrual cup sterilizer, effectively preventing the spread of bacteria and other contaminants. 

The Senziwash menstrual cup sterilizer container is easily flat and foldable making storage easy and extremely convenient when you travel around. That’s not all: with the cup being sterilized, it also pro actively helps in maintaining menstrual hygiene.

4. Senziwash menstrual cup wash : a brief description

You might wonder how many times a menstrual cup is used, how many hours menstrual cup can be used, how a menstrual cup washing can be done, and if so, how many times the menstrual cup can be used, what should you look into while choosing the best menstrual cup washing liquid and so on.  So let us explain to you all about the menstrual cup washer. 

Regular use of a menstruation cup can leave traces or blemishes and stench on it. And if not washed properly can lead to infection and irritation. The best menstrual cup wash can remove stains and odors in a single wash. 

Of all the washes, be sure to use Senziwash menstrual cup wash, the best menstrual cup washes in India. 

A Final Note…

Senziwash Period Kit is the first period kit box that offers an integrated, low-cost menstrual hygiene and management. Click here to Visit website and products: https://senziwash.com/ 

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