Jason School partners with Ethan’s Tech to introduce an innovative and effective ‘Pay after Placement’ program

New Delhi (6th June, 2023):- In a mega move, Jason School in collaboration with Ethan Tech’s, has officially introduced the much-anticipated ‘Pay after Placement’ program. The move comes after a long planning and is aimed at addressing the prevailing issue of financial burden faced by engineering students who are pursuing high-growth careers in the IT industry. The ‘Pay after Placement’ program is aimed at providing relief to thousands of students who are left with limited financial choices such as relying on hefty loans to finance and pursue their careers in the realm of IT sector which includes Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Developer, Analytics & Automation and much more.

The recently launched ‘Pay after Placement’ program jointly launched by Jason School and Ethan’s Tech envisions revolutionising the traditional approach to education financing by offering a ray of hope to countless meritorious individuals who would otherwise be unable to access high-quality educational opportunities in India. By introducing the much-needed Pay after Placement program, Jason School has effectively bridged the gap between education and employment, providing a comprehensive solution for numerous students seeking to develop high-growth careers. The institute’s forward-thinking approach addresses the fundamental challenge of financing education, empowering students to pursue their dreams without being hindered by financial constraints.

Talking about the move to introduce the ‘Pay after Placement’ program, the Founder of Ethan’s Tech stated, “Most of us in India are aware of the fact that the financial burden associated with pursuing expensive courses post-college is necessary for high-growth careers and often poses a significant obstacle for ambitious engineering students. I deeply believe that it has unfortunately become a widespread norm that many individuals are unable to afford the exorbitant fees charged by institutes. As a result, aspiring students are forced to rely on hefty loans to finance their pursuit of courses in cloud, Analytics, and Automation which are highly demanded skills in the IT industry. To address this issue, we joined hands with Jason School and decided to provide a smart and innovative financial alternative to the meritorious students and this is what led to the birth of our new Pay after Placement program. I am certainly hopeful this move will be a boon for students who, despite having the merit and ability, do not get opportunities due to financial restraint.”

By adopting a comprehensive and visionary approach, the institute has become a thought leader, paving the way for a new paradigm in addressing the employment challenges faced by aspiring professionals in today’s fiercely competitive era.

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, where skills and employability are paramount, Jason School’s Pune course has set a new benchmark for educational institutions. By advocating a student-centric approach that focuses on practical outcomes, Jason School has established itself as a trailblazer in fostering the professional success of its students. Through their commitment to addressing the financial barriers that hinder educational opportunities, Ethan’s Tech and Jason School have not only transformed the lives of countless aspiring individuals but also made a significant impact on the future of EdTech in India. Their visionary program has laid the foundation for a more inclusive and accessible educational landscape, enabling students to overcome financial limitations and realise their full potential in today’s competitive world.

Jason School’s exceptional vision shines through in its commitment to meeting the needs of students. Regardless of their financial situation, anyone can enrol in these classes and pursue their educational goals. Admissions are typically straightforward, requiring only an entrance test in most cases. To be eligible for admission and avail of the payment-after-placement option at Jason School, candidates should hold a B.Tech, BE, BSc-IT, BCA, MCA, or M-Tech degree. Moreover, Jason School boasts an impressive track record. By enrolling at Jason School, you can delve into a comprehensive full-stack development program, covering Python programming, data structures and algorithms, database management and SQL, HTML, and CSS, Flask and Django frameworks, and Bootstrap.

Summing it up, the in-demand courses & pay after placement revolutionised the way students approach their education and future careers. Ethan Tech’s pioneering execution of pay-after-placement programs under Jason School has exemplified its exceptional effectiveness. By prioritising students’ success, providing abundant opportunities, and offering unwavering support, these programs have become instrumental in shaping the professional journeys of countless individuals. Through their innovative approach and dedication to empowering students, Ethan Tech and Jason School have set a new standard for educational institutions, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving job market.

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