A Government of India sponsored Jaipur Foot Artificial Limb Fitment camp was inaugurated on April 25, 2024 in Semera, Afar Province of Ethiopia

This camp has been implemented by Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), which is world’s largest organisation for rehabilitation of lower limb handicapped persons.

Federal Ministry of Women and Social Welfare, Semera University, and Regional Government partnered with the Embassy of India to organize the camp. 

The host government thanked India  for addressing the needs of persons with disability in Ethiopia and expressed their deep desire to continue this collaboration in future.

Ambassador Anil Rai stressed the importance India attaches to its long-standing ties with Ethiopia  and mentioned that the Jaipur Foot camp being inaugurated  in Semera will help rehabilitate over 600 Ethiopian brothers and sisters. He recalled that a similar camp was organised Addis Ababa in November-December 2019 during which 538 limbs were fitted. He stressed the need for building local capacity to rehabilitate the large number of persons with disability in Ethiopia using Jaipur Foot technology and the expertise of BMVSS.

On behalf of BMVSS, Ambassador Satish Mehta said that this is the fourth Jaipur Foot camp organised by BMVSS in Ethiopia. The first was in December 2016 in Mekelle, in Tigray region, at which 400 limbs were fitted; the second was on January 2017 in Haramaya University in January 2017 at which 377 limbs were fitted. In all so far 1268 limbs have been fitted by BMVSS in Ethiopia. He hoped that with a Jaipur Foot permanent centre would be established in Ethiopia to provide uninterrupted Jaipur Foot limb fitment service.  He thanked the Government of India for its generous help in assisting rehabilitation of persons with disability in over 21 countries in the last few years.

Senior dignitaries from Federal and Provincial governments saw the limb-making process and expressed admiration that a perfect-fitting limb could be made in a day. They handed over custom-made Jaipur Foot Artificial limbs to some persons with disability.

It is pertinent to mention that ‘India for Humanity’ programme was launched to commemorate the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi in 2018 by Ministry of External Affairs. Under this programme more than 13,000 handicapped persons in over 21 countries in Asia, Africa and Pacific Islands have already been rehabilitated, exemplifying India’s belief in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam’ -the world is a family.

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