Raviraj Mishra – Journey of self-healing by telling stories and narrating poetries

Raviraj Mishra is an Indian Author and Poet who rose to fame with his poetry about mental health and relationships with oneself on Instagram. He topped the Amazon best-selling list chart with his book ‘Piece of Poetry: Me & Me’. He kickstarted his journey as an author in 2019 with his first book ‘The feeling of Being Loved’. Currently, Raviraj is working on his forthcoming novel ‘Pipe dreams’ that will soon hit the market in 2022 in all the major book stores across the world.

Mental illness is such a struggle that nearly every fourth person faces once in a lifetime, but not everyone talks about it. Our mind plays a disproportionate role in our lives that hamper our physical being. Often people suffer in silence every day but avoid discussing it due to the fear of being treated differently in society. Raviraj remained open about his mental struggle without the fear of being judged by society in the form of poetry that offered him a way to empathise with others that made people realise that they are not alone in the room of grief and pain.

Raviraj Mishra struggled with mental battles and insecurities. He adopted the method of narrating poetry to express his feelings even when he was unaware of the technicalities of narrative poetry. Initially, he started blogging to share his stories. Later on, he took to Instagram, where he regularly shared his poetry. He discussed his journey, the stigma attached to mental being, and talking about it helped him heal. Many people related to them made his poems go viral amongst his audience, helping them deal with challenging situations in life. Along with written poetries, his audio on Instagram was widely loved and recognised that skyrocketed his audience base, 20 thousand followers, in just a few months.

His first book, ‘The feeling of Being Loved’, revolves around the story of a girl named Shruti who narrated a part of her life when she was desperately searching for the feeling of being in love. It was the first novella that Raviraj self-published and crafted from a woman’s perspective. Later the same year, he published the collection of his poetry about self-love and mental health in a book called ‘Piece of Poetry: Me & Me’, which turned into an Amazon best-seller in Kindle version.

Raviraj’s new novel ‘Pipe Dreams’ is a first of its kind wherein the whole story is told in narrative poetry style. The book is designed to give the taste of Poetry and a novel, both at the same time. And to add to the presentation, the book is filled with beautiful and meaningful illustrations created by Divya Dixit. “Divya’s understanding about art in its simple form is pure and commendable.” said Raviraj Mishra while talking about the illustrations in the Pipe Dreams. The paperback and Kindle versions of the book will be available directly on Amazon alongside other book stores across the country.

His followers widely accept his poetic narration with a deeper and powerful impact on their minds. He felt connected with another part that recognised him, loved him and kept him moving with his voice of poetic narration. Indeed, poetry is a powerful medium that lets diverse voices speak that embeds magical effects to inspire others and gives an insight into the inner workings of their minds and ideas. In Raviraj’s case, poetry taught him to live, exposing his vulnerabilities so that everybody could relate to him and live a little better. 

In the words of Raviraj, “Shift your obsession from people to dreams and watch your perspective change.”

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